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Newest (3rd) Album

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This music was recorded over a couple of years in various places; a yoga studio on a windy spring day, a forest deck during a break in a summer rain, a cozy loft in the middle of a snow storm and other wild places.
Most of these tracks are spur of the moment creations or original tunes that have grown out of improvisations. “Last Star” is an original tune that shapeshifts every time I play it. As for the repetitions of O’Carolan’s Farewell, what can I say? I love the song.
Performed on Alto Flute, Low Penny Whistle in F, Sycamore Diatonic Rim-Blown Flute (inspired by the Ancestor Pueblo Flute), Maple Baroque Flute, Wood Penny Whistle in D, Copper High Penny Whistle in F and Concert Flute.
Accompanied by cicadas, tree frogs, distant birds and one curious yellow-jacket. 
1 Last Star at Dawn; Alto Flute
2 A Lighter Green; Alto Flute
3 No Hurry; Alto Flute
4 Skip&Pause; Alto Flute
5 Greeting the Dark; Alto Flute
6 Underneath; Alto Flute
7 Low Boil Kettle; Low Whistle
8 A Rose or Two; Low Whistle
9 O’Carolan’s Farewell; Low Whistle
10 Hush; Rim-Blown Flute
11 Last Star at Dawn; Rim-Blown Flute
12 Tree Frogs’ Home; Baroque Flute
13 Round and Round We Go; Baroque Flute
14 The Rabbit in the Briar Patch; Wood Whistle
15 Improvisation on Dunmore Lassies; Wood Whistle
16 Spring Afternoon on the Hill Top; Wood Whistle
17 O’Carolan’s Farewell; Wood Whistle
18 Wind Spirals; Copper High Whistle
19 Talking with Trees; Copper High Whistle
20 Improvisation on O’Carolan’s Farewell; Concert Flute

Second Album

A while ago, a friend of mine was telling me about her new garden. It was in the country across the road from a forest. It made her happy just seeing it. It overflowed with life as if little spirits were peeping out around the tomatoes, morning glories and grass. Even the bugs that ate plants down to the ground had a magic to them although that didn’t make them less of a nuisance. The garden became a nursery for nature devas, a safe place for them to gain strength as they step, roll and rush out into the world. This got me thinking about waking the devas, fairies, nature spirits in the world around us. Drawing them into the cracks in our lives and letting them run wild. Messy sometimes but more than worth it for all the joy they bring.
1 Lament’s Balm---glass piccolo in C recorded in a forest clearing
2 Rain Dare---glass picc during a rainstorm with a few cows
3 Thaw Longing (Sun in January)---flute as a wind front built up
4 Wind and Rain (Waking Lullaby)---glass picc in a garden during a break in the rain
5 Flood Drops---flute on a sunny winter day in a greenhouse
6 Drawing Out---glass flute in G on a windy sunny day in a greenhouse
7 Fireflies-Here and There---flute at early night on the edge of the woods with crickets
8 (Enter Chorus) How Hummingbird Sees Time---baroque flute on an afternoon in a forest clearing as the cicadas warmed up
9 (Fireflies) Spying on Starfall---flute at night on a lane in the woods with crickets
10 Chorus in the Elm---baroque flute on an afternoon in a forest clearing with cicadas
11 Fireflies-World’s Rim---flute at night on the edge of the woods with crickets
12 Perseids-Night’s Overflow---flute, rattle at midnight on a lane in the woods
13 Cicada Antiphony---baroque flute on a summer afternoon in a forest clearing
14 Perseids-Some May Yet Sleep---flute on a lane in the woods under meteors
15 Lament’s Balm/Lemon Balm II---flute at night on a wooded lane
16 The Fairies’ Hounds---flute. The hounds in question scrambled across a tile floor (click, clack go the claws) but refrained from howling till the recording was done.

First Album

In Greek Mythology, Amaltheia is a nymph or a goat who raised Zeus the God of thunder. Pan, half God half Goat, is the God of the wilderness. There are many different stories of Pan’s birth and antics. As the son of Amaltheia’s goat, Pan was raised in a cave with Zeus. Another story says Pan and Arcas were the twin sons of Zeus and Callisto a nymph who was changed into a bear. In yet another story, Pan helped Zeus after his sinews were stolen by the guardian of the sacred oracle at Delphi. Pan often plays a panpipe or a syrinx that can put anyone to sleep. A Labyrinth is a maze with only one path in and out. The version often seen in Crete, where Zeus and Pan were said to have been raised, has seven corridors.
The four notes F G C and E-flat are a call to Pan according to some. All the pieces on this album relate to these notes.
1 Cave Lullaby---alto flute
2 Bear Dance-Cub Steps---flute
3 Bear Dance-Tempo Challenge---flute
4 Transposing Delphi-Lament and Lure---alto flute
5 Transposing Delphi-Mirror Dreams---alto flute
6 Beggars Pan---glass piccolo
7 Labyrinth-1st Loop-Lulling---flute
8 Labyrinth-2nd Loop-Memory Game---flute
9 Labyrinth-3rd Loop-In the Garden---flute
10 Labyrinth-4th Loop-In and Out---flute
11 Labyrinth-5th Loop-Weaving---flute
12 Labyrinth-6th Loop-Turn About---flute
13 Labyrinth-7th Loop-Rainstorm---flute
14 Rain and Flood Lullaby---flute

Feral Photos


Baroque flute, pic by STL Photovisions
Photo by STL Photovisions

Feral Glass Flute, pic by STL Photovisions
Photo by STL Photovisions